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Day 6 – Final sprint

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Today was the day before our final presentation. Some teams seemed to be deeply relaxed and some teams…don’t. All things considered, the hardware and the most components in all teams were made. Now the main focus is to combine hardware and software. Bernhard and Thomas made their rounds to all groups to help them with their last big problems. During the day we also got some external visitors, who heard about this workshop and became interested to see those projects. It was also nice to see the development from Friday to this day.


External visitors


Hard working teams

Team 1 – Malefiz:



Team 1 already finished to install the LEDs into the playing field. Almost all components for the game were cut, sawn and ground.

The playground looks really nice and structured. The major task for today is to install the two hacked servo motors and get them to work. This will be the hardest job for this team.


Team 2 – Twister:


Team 2 started with a working playground. All spots for the playground were equipped with electronical contacts, which can recognize different resistors to identify the different players and the parts of their body (hands or feet). That means the main functions are working. For this day the rest of the wearable electronical identifiers for hands and feet had to be made. The coding part also has to be customized for special rules. They also wanted to include Audio for their game, but in the end of the day it was just a “nice-to-have”-element (which was also realized by other teams 😉 ).


Team 3 – Paper Toss:

Washing machine motor ;)

Washing machine motor 😉

Team 3 is one of the more relaxed teams today. All main functions were implemented and their game was playable. Only a few things had to be improved like the shoot-Button of the joystick which could not be used yet, the fan was  too weak for the game and they were still looking for the right or perfect munition. They were able to find a bigger fan in the box of old stuff from our university. But it is worth mentioning the short idea to take an old motor of a laundry machine to give the fan “a bit” more power ;). They picked for the munition polystyrene formed as little balls.


Team 4 – Meme Shooter:

Team 4 was able to implement single components successfully in the last days. It was possible to shoot a figure with the groomed plastic guns, which will be moved by a servo motor. They planned three different figure you can shoot. Unfortunately when they started to work they noticed  the servo motors did not work as they wanted. Therefore the stress level got higher and higher.


Team 5 – Don’t break the ice:

day6_team5_2 day6_team5_1

Team 5 spent the most of their time to build all components for the game. 33 cubes made of Perspex has to be handmade. Every cube had to be installed with a LED diode with four electronical contact points. Another challenge was to find a robust construction to hold all cubes in a frame with the same pressure in every row and column. At the beginning the idea was to produce a suspension made of 1mm Perspex to put in the inner frame. But since the time for this project was limited it was not possible to realize that idea. Instead of that construction foam was chosen to hold the cubes in the frame. A big disadvantage of this solution is the unstable factor. After a few days the pressure between the cubes will be very low because the foam will give in. The main job for this day was to connect the single components and to build the frame and the hammers.


Team 6 – Confuseball:

Team 6 was relaxed and confident in the beginning. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the recognition of a goal. The idea how to identify a goal was to interrupt the electric circuit with the collision of the ball and the wall. The problem was that the collision on the wall was to intense and triggered a goal even the ball just hit the wall next to the goal. They had to find a way to isolate the wall around the goal.


Team 7 – 4 Gewinnt extreme:

This Team finished the hardware. Also the software was programmed for the most of the part. There were some little hardware problems like finding out the buttons and the LEDs should have two “different” Grounds. There was also a coding problem with the LED matrix. Additionally the different levels of difficulty had to be fixed.


Team 8 – Tempo kleine Schnecke:

Team 8 was the most relaxed team at this day. The code was already written and working and the hardware worked too. Just the last components for the game has to be made like the rails for the snails. In the afternoon a problem arose: the snails which were moved with solenoids did not move as they should. So they tried to refine the movements.


In the morning

In the evening

In the evening

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