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Final Day

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Final Day (Day 7) 

Day seven (or more precisely day nine) is the day of truth. A week of very hard work, has not passed without leaving a trace on the teams.

The most common signs on this day: Dark circles, burns from soldering and hallucinations due to the Fumes of the laser cutter. Nevertheless, the motivation is still very high. The last components are lasered, Code and hardware are getting perfected.

The nervousness is rising. At 12 o’clock the first external guests are expected to have a look at our work and presentations. They are in addition to normal spectators, also a kind of jury. By voting, they decide about the best project at the end oft our Workshop.

Team 1


Most strongly Team 1 was being affected. At the end, even one team member was fallen by the wayside. Nevertheless, Stefan was not discouraged and presented skillfully their work of the game ‘Malefiz’. Despite smaller malfunctions, one of the most elaborate and most complex projects, presents its hardware as an aesthetic masterpiece.

Team 2


The sportiest team of all entertains the audience skilfully with a demonstration of their project ‘Twister’. The rotating display of the command instruction is one of the eye-catchers. Self-designed contact bands on hands and feet brought the desired feedback with the help of different resistances in the field. Everything runs perfectly

Team 3


Our entertainers turn skilfully on the finishing straight and convince with a truly successful implementation of the App classic ‘Paper Toss’. Whether joystick controlled projectile to shoot, the self-designed paper balls or the indication of the wind speed… everything fits perfectly. The only downside…the Team own high score for the game still needs some work!

Team 4


Team 4 presents itself with the perfect model building. In a night shift until dawn the scenery of the ‘Meme Shooter’ has been perfected. Laser gun to be ‘shot down’ the rotating figures and LED Feedback display are the highlights witch thrilled the audience, despite minor disruptions in game progress.

Team 5


According to the motto ‘Wat nix is, dat koss auch nix’ Team 5 manages after a long night, to finish their expensive precision machine “Don’t break the ice”.

The perfectly lasered ‘Ice blocks’ made out of Acryl glass, pressed against each other and will cause the cubes to stay in place. Step by step, the players have to knock out the cubes with individualized hammers without collapsing the ‘iceberg’. Each Acryl Cube has an integrated LED. A vibrating 3D printed Bird increases the level of difficulty, by occasional wild movements.

Team 6


Our football fans create the ‘Wunder von München’. The ‘Confused Ball’ table is perfect in all functions. The playing field can be manipulated by servomotors. In addition to the sound effects, the camera Live streaming is one of the highlights of the game. With the aid of a mobile smartphone, you can share your Livestream and results via Application.

Team 7


After a long night, team 7 comes to the final straight. Small errors have been fixed by means of the ‘boss’. Whether hardware, software or the development in Design… everything works perfect. There is always a nerd in the group 😉

They planned to replace the typically discs by LEDs in different colours, which will light up at the position, where the disc would be placed. Tree different modes, can increase the level of difficulty. The audience was thrilled by the realization in connection with the successful concept. Congratulations to the deserved victory.

Team 8


Anything but slow is the presentation of team ‘snail’. Despite the successful completion of the night shift, is the morning less enjoyable. ‘Rien ne va plus’…Nothing works anymore.

After a time-consuming fault analysis, the team still manages to get the game running in time. Self-built running tracks with integrated magnets let the Snails move like magic. The ingenious technology, including a driving unit of a printer and two Servomotors, in conjunction with the clean and friendly design, brings the team to the second place.

After finishing the hard work, adoption of our guests and ‘Core-clearing’ of our work space, we finally had Feierabend in a typically Munich beergarden.


At this point, big thanks to Bernard and Thomas, who cared for us perfectly and always stood with their advice to our side!

And do not forget… minus pole = black and plus pole = red!

Or was it the other way round?


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