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“Polly …what?” Project Report – Team 5

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  1. Overview

Polly …what? is inspired by the classic children’s tabletop
game Don’t Break The Ice! first published in 1968. In the
original version the players have to hit “ice”-cubes with a tiny
hammer that are clamped within a frame. Placed on the
middle cube there is a tiny polar bear which must not fall
down while the cubes are being hit out of the frame. Whoever
makes the polar bear fall off the platform has lost the game.
Our idea was to build a “pimped” version of this game
including cubes that form a 2D LED matrix, an active game
token to place in the middle and game logics that allow to add
some difficulty to the game using an Arduino Mega.
The next sections will describe in detail the particular
parts of our final system whose complete circuit diagram is
shown in Fig. 2 and can be downloaded in Fritzing file format

Polly ...what? complete circuits

Fig. 2: Complete circuit diagram of “Polly …what?”.

Click here for the full Project Report.

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