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Day 5 – Is it half-time yet?

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Friday started out quite relaxing for the teams, as everyone knew what they had to do. So far, most of the teams seemed to adhere to their planned schedule and considered themselves on the safe side. Lunch break was running likewise, with only some teams deliberately working on their projects, whereas others took an extensive break. The later the afternoon, however, the stress level of the groups slightly increased. For the first time since the project ideas were made up, some of us found themselves confronted with practical problems: Here and there, people had to face with difficulties in their codes or they had to notice delays in their hardware-construction. At the end of the day, it became more and more apparent that many would have to stand in attention for their projects though the whole weekend. Let’s have once more a closer look at the state of each team during this Friday:

Team 1 – The CBG


Team 1’s stress level increased after finding out a certain board wasn’t available at the shop everybody in this course had put their trust in – Conrad 😛 In spite of everything, Alex continued testing motors in order to find a matching one which would fit to bring their game into rotation. Some changes, such as the reduction of the rings from three to two, were carried out. Paulina was mainly occupied with lasercutting missing components. LED stripes were adhered to them afterwards.

Team 2 – Twister


Karl from Team 2 had to cope without his team partner today. Therefore his stress level kept being high during this Friday. The entire Twister-field had yet to be built aswell as the software. Nevertheless he was able to present other parts their project consisted of: The propeller-servo was already running and the lasercutted box was ready to be filled with electronics. By the end of the day, Karl had achieved that the contacts were attached to the tablecloth-converted playing field. The colorful cardboard-dots also had been fixed to it.

Team 3 – Paper Toss

Because of exams earlier that morning, some of us weren’t well rested today. This was also true for Boris from Team 3. He and his team partner had spent the rest of the morning glueing and sawing the wooden parts of the cannon. Later on they attached a spring to the projectile in order to be able to adjust the shooting angle – which turned out to be a super fun addition. Convince yourself by having a look at the video below!

All of a sudden Team 3 came to a point where the cannon no longer worked. They desperately searched for the problem for about an hour – finally, one was more or less surprised, that only the power supply had been turned off! (-.-)

Team 4 – Meme Shooter

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 01.22.50

My own team had a moderate stress level, which maybe wouldn’t have been like that if Team 2 didn’t went out and bought some wood for us. Our main goals were to sketch our vision of the box and its backgrounds onto Illustrator and adjust the Web-Images of the three backgrounds to the wooden background-boards. A few hours later Tim even got our first Prototype-Meme running, more specifically: It reacted when shot by the person with the laser gun!

Team 5 – Polly …what?

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 00.30.44Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 00.47.57

Both members of Team 5 were quite hungry and had a higher stress level than the others, fairly enough: They performed to lasercut every single pane of the 33 plexi- ice cubes, and had to glue 4 panes together while also integrating the contacts. Another highlight which had been created this day was their self-designed bird-figure,which took an amount of time being 3D printed by the Ultimaker.

Team 6 – Confuseball


The Soccer-team described their stress-level at 1; they were working relaxed but also thoughtful on their code, which as a result should get the ball recognized by the app. One servo more had to be built in, so the playing field would flip a little up. The attachment of some LEDs had nearly been completed. When looking back, Team 6 had been the group which had accomplished most of their original plan so far.

Team 7 –  4-gewinnt Extreme


The stress level of Team 7 was only a 1 out of 10, since their hardware was almost finished. They even came up with a new idea: The integration of LEDs and sensors to their game. The only problem turned out to be the choice of the right power supply. Some questions on how to calculate the amount of power were solved in the afternoon. A successfull lasercut-session resulted in a sidebar showing the 3 difficulties of the game- normal, difficult and extreme- in the evening.

Team 8 – Snails

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 00.31.21

Miriam explained some new improvements on their fun childrens game that were in work: Instead of using dices, a hub connected to the Arduino should select the appropriate color for the player. In addition, her team partner himself cut the box and the wheels for the drive out of wood. To assemble everything was the last task for today. And as you can see in the image: They managed it as scheduled!


In conclusion, it seemed like a chilled Friday, where nobody could knew it would be followed by a hard weekend, at least for some of the teams…

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