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Team 3 – Papertoss RealLife

Published on: April 19, 2016 | Author: Sketching With Hardware | Categories: 2016a, Projects

my name is Boris and with my team partner Marinus we created Papertoss RL.
The topic for this years Sketching with Hardware was “Circuit Board Games”. We tried to think outside of the box and so we came up with the idea of building the mobile game Papertoss in real life. If you don’t know about the game, you can check it out here (Papertoss Flashgame) or download it on your Android/Iphone. The game is free and makes fun, so give it a try. Ok, for you lazy people that don’t know the game and don’t want to try it out, I give you a quick summary, because this is essential. The Game is actually pretty simple, you have to throw a Papertoss inside a trash can and to make it challenging a fan is standing right next to it.


Huge Fan picture related


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Team 1 – The CBG

Published on: April 18, 2016 | Author: Alexander | Categories: 2016a, Projects

It all started with the application for this Sketching with hardware course. There are many applicants but only 16 are allowed to join this adventure of building something of your own. So getting accepted is the first hurdle you have to pass.. But then, you can get started!

I want to point out that this course differs from the normal university courses, because one normally has to write boring exams. I think it is nice to do more practice related crafting than to learn several days for one exam. Secondly, the atmosphere in this course is astonishing. We were eight groups by two people each. The communication between the groups was great which improved the motivation to build something unique quite a lot. We helped each other during all days without no exception. This has to be mentioned, because starting on Monday to finish your project the week after on Tuesday is a short time range.

Let’s take a look at our project. Our names are Paulina and Alex. The topic of this course reads as follows: Circuit Board Games. We are Team 1 and our project’s name is: The CBG (The Circuit Board Game).
You see what we did there? 😉


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Day 3 – Brainstorming Day

Published on: April 15, 2016 | Author: Sketching With Hardware | Categories: 2016a, Daily Logs

On Tuesday we recieved the topic for our projects: ‘Circuit Board Game’. So the day started with a short brainstorming session in which every team should chose a game, develop their idea and search for the necessary items in the internet.
Thereafter we had a meeting. The teams presented the developed game ideas which were discussed afterwards. Unfortunately some groups had chosen the same game, so they had to rethink their plans, but in the end every team got an indiviual game.
After the meeting the teams worked on their own. Some went shopping in toyshops searching for their ‘original’ game and other teams started directly planning the project.


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Group 7 – 4 GEWINNT extreme

Published on: April 15, 2016 | Author: Sketching With Hardware | Categories: 2016a, Best Projects, Projects

At the very beginning of the practical course we gathered a very basic knowledge of electronics and experimented with some bread boards. We lighted up some LEDs, added a switch and learned how to solder. The highlight of the first day was the keyboard hacking, where we built our own controller for browser games.


SwH 2016a: “Circuit Board Games”

Published on: April 14, 2016 | Author: Bernhard Slawik | Categories: 2016a

This term’s topic is:

Circuit Board Games

Board Games with Electronic Add-Ons

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