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Group 5 – Back to school

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The first day of our project was only to plan and prototype to get agist of what we should buy. We decided to build a interactive and digital so-called „Himmel und Hölle“ game what we probably all played when we were at Grundschule on the schoolyard. It is a playing field which is mostly painted on the ground with chalk and looks like this:701_0

There are different rules how to play the game but in general you have to hop on one or both feet through the playing field in a certain sequence and not to overstep one field.

So we thought how to make this game in a way digital and interactive. We decided to use mainly LED lights to guide the sequence and implement a mechanism to detect error-hops. The most challenging thing was definitely to build a construction in real size.

So we planned a playing field out of wood and one he final draft looks like that:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-31 um 15.46.26

Each single field will be a huge button which can be pushed through hopping or stepping on it. We manage a contact which wont’t be destroyed by the weight of an adult through aluminium foil at the ground playing field and a sponge called „Stahlwolle“ on the back of a single field. The springing will be realized by glueing four normal sponges which are known out of the kitchen. We also  wanted to have a lot of LED lights in each single field so we prototyped how to use as less as possible LEDs (because of the huge voltage over 100 LED would need) with most light effect in a wooden board with holes in it. So we used an old piece we found in the garage and tried some things but the one we came up finally was the following: we put a milky foil underneath the board and below one LED light which was in the middle of four holes. The LED shines down to the ground and reflects on an aluminum foil and the lights break in the milky foil. So we can light up four holes with only one LED.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-31 um 12.36.50

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