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Day 5 – Are we there yet?!

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It’s finally half-time! Or more like already in some cases…and although stress filled the air, Friday morning remained rather relaxed and calm, kind of like before a storm. All teams stood ready relatively early to work on their respective projects and to meet their daily to-dos, some with the intention of leaving earlier to enjoy the weekend.

However, as the morning proceeded and the first practical problems, which led to more distinct time pressure, occurred, stress levels increased visibly: Throughout the groups, several teams had to face a few setbacks as their code just would not work the desired way and resulting from that the features they built would not respond. Lunch break today was more of a ‘whenever fits’ situation because many teams just opted to stay and work on their project tasks instead.

Evidently a lot of teams decided they would unfortunately have to come in during the weekend in order to finish things up on time. But that’s another story. For now, let’s recap what happened in the respective teams during this Friday:

Team 1 – Floribus Rabidus

Flowers galore! Team 1 remained stress free considering the pressing time. The software for their flower box was almost finished and they returned to the building supplies store in order to find a tube for their blowing riddle. This puzzle encourages the player to blow at one of the flowers to solve it. Since the flower box with all the flowers was already prepared, their Friday consisted of improving the software and testing the four riddles which they came up with that involved the four flowers. The boys finished their daily tasks with no major issues and managed to wrap up early for the day, having decided to come in during the weekend instead.


Team 2 – Priapos

Katharina and Michèle from Team 2 did a healthy mix of soldering, tinkering and programming this Friday. They managed to code the riddle which involved the hat of their little scarecrow friend and thus having LEDs blink in various colours and different rhythms according to said riddle. While Katharina continued to develop the coding part, Michelle opted for crafting the cloak for the scarecrow. Their goal was to also attach the raven they built onto the puppet and create contacts for the Arduino. Both girls’ stress levels varied, mentioning the word ‘so-so’ when asked how they were doing so far, a word many more teams would be using during the day.  


Team 3 – Professor Pooly’s Potion Plotting

Professor Pooly sucks! Well at least that’s what I was thinking a few times today. Nonetheless our team still succeeded in building all the stations we needed for our potion puzzles. Also, we accomplished the following: Got pretty much all the sensors up and running, so that we only had to put them on the boxes we engraved, cut and glued together and also start designing the board where all the respective stations would be placed on. Our team had a particularly nasty issue with the ‘earth’ puzzle as the sensor just did not want to detect weights placed on it.


Team 4 – Mystery Box

Markus and Lukas had been struggling with the voice recognition for their mystery box and concluded to opt for a proximity sensor instead. They finished up building their mystery box during the day and experimented with sounds and ‘melodies’ to play when changing the proximity of their hand in relation to the wooden box. As for the surprise goodies inside of the box they did not really want to spill the beans but mentioned that they had decided against putting beer inside, which was the initial idea. All in all, both boys seemed relaxed enough despite the few problems that came up.   


Team 5 – Ein Münchner zu Himmel und Hölle

Katrin and Barbara of team 5 felt the pressure rising as they spent their Friday sawing the plates for the game ‘Himmel und Hölle’, a popular school court game which is similar if not identical to hopscotch. They finished spray painting their game setting during the day and were planning to incorporate sponges to measure the impact of the player jumping on the plates. The girls were thinking of using LEDs to indicate if the player jumped on the plate and, for later levels, if he or she followed the right jumping pattern. Both were very busy during this Friday.  


Team 6 – Space Odyssey

Ever the artists, Team 6 invested lots of blood, sweat and tears into their work creating an art piece. Amongst other things they freehanded a spaceship on their spray-painted wooden gameboard, which rendered the whole thing impeccably beautiful. Their goal for the day was to finish designing the game board as well as put their self-proclaimed simple electronics to use and hope that their adaption of the game, based on the childhood game ‘Kletterpfad’, worked like a charm. So the rest of their day was spent case testing the game dynamics they coded.  


Team 7 – Mouse Catch

By far the team with the best time management, Team 7 finished up their work for the day as fast as they actually decided on the idea. Ehsan and Laurenz’ project day ended in the early afternoon, with top results. They managed to check off all the points on their daily task list with practically no stress at all. The boys incorporated the IR sensor into their ‘mouse’ and spent the morning doing lots of soldering and planning what had to be done by the end of Monday. For the record, the vehicle can now move forward neatly and detect obstacles. Pretty impressive!


Team 8 – C-3PObstler    

As for our beer pong team, Ha-Vy and Manu worked relentlessly on building their corpus for the little ‘butler/robot/friend’ as well as the box on which the whole game was placed, which was laser-cut from wood planks and glued together. Also they spent Friday working on and testing the underlying mechanism of the whole beer pong idea, resulting in them being able to track whether a ball has landed in one of the game cups and indicating this to the player among other things. Speaking of stress levels they remained calm and collected throughout this Friday.    


True to our motto ‘Scavenger Hunt’ it took a while to find all the teams, as they were scattered around the building. While Friday was stressful for some, everyone still managed to joke around and be relaxed enough.


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