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Final Day

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The final day had come. Eight days of breaking things, tinkering, and soldering have passed. Even though it was the last day, there was still some work left. The deadline was at 1 pm when the first external guests (mostly professors and PhD students) arrived. Every team had to present their work and in the end the students and guests voted the best project. Even though it was required that the projects had to work outdoor all demos (except for team 7) were held indoor due to the weather outside.

Team 1


The first team was good on schedule, they didn’t had to do any long hours or night shifts. Today they had to do some adjustments to their code, as it turned out to be quite more difficult than expected to properly receive and interpret data from the photo transistor. The different lightning conditions indoor and outdoor also didn’t help. Luckily they fixed it properly and during the presentation everything went well. Another thing they had to do today: find a name for their project, Floribus Rabidus.

Team 2


Team 2’s scarecrow was working flawlessly, after they’ve properly fixated it’s head and put everything together today. They spent the last day drafting and writing down the riddles. The hardest part of their project – recreating the blinking LED’s pattern with the hat – was a little to hard for the voluntee to solve. Besides from that, their presentation went really well.

Team 3


The third team had their project’s riddle parts all set up, they just had to put it all together, which turned out to be a bit more difficult than expected. They would’ve done it earlier but the had trouble with the pressure sensors: it turned out the sensor’s resolution wasn’t high enough to detect a small glass jar, so they spend a lot of time building their own pressure sensor using cotton wool. In the end the selfmade pressure plate worked, but it took a lot of time, so their was was pretty stressful.

Team 4


Team 4 had some trouble adjusting the software for the ultrasonic sensor. The data sampled by the sensor was very unreliable because the sensor is designed for larger distances. It was a little tricky, but in the end they made it. Other than that they did some cosmetic tunings today. It only took two tries to solve the riddle during the presentation.

Team 5


The fifth team had an extra shift on sunday afternoon, so now they were back on schedule. Soldering stuff while lying on the floor is time-consuming and stressful. Today they fixed some bugs in their code and they connected the buttons on the slabs. A bonus task would be proper cable management, but unfortunately there was not enough time left. A major issue was a proper power supply, but due to cleverly arranging the LEDs they could solve it.

Team 6


Team 6’s very asthetic Space Odyssey game seemed to be in its final version yesterday evening already, but somehow at least one solder joint loosened overnight and they had to do some hotfix soldering. The design is very compact and required very precise soldering, an issue both team members had underestimated. In the end their game was not only nice to look at but also working properly.

Team 7


The seventh team was so good on schedule, they had nothing to do today. Everything was already done: the Mouse Catch was working, a poster and even a small handout were designed, and the blogpost written ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ They only stumbled upon one major issue in the last couple of days: The inaccurancy of the ultrasonic sensor, just the same issue team 4 had.

Team 8


Last but not least team number eight had a lot of things to do today. They had to put everything together, design a poster, and get the peristaltic pump working. Unfortunately the latter one failed during their presentation. They also overestimated the Arduino’s power output so they had to disable the LED eyes. There was also some hotfix soldering 10 minutes before the presentations started. No one really knows why they won the ‘best project’ award 😉

Before the presentations and the election of the ‘best project’ award we cleaned up the mess we created in the last week in our workspaces and afterwards the workshop in the upper floor. At around 3 pm we eventually had Feierabend in bavarian restaurant right around the corner.

At this point a big thank you to Bernhard and Thomas who helped us if we got stuck and gave us very good advice!

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