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Monday – Day 6

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The last full day of work began actually really quiet and concentrated. At his point you could see at every table the projects grow and sometimes it was optically even finished. At a few tables you could detect a progress over the weekend so obviously some guys had been here during the last two days. Every team – if worked on the weekend or not – had a plan what to do and to finish on the last day before presentation day. Nearly everybody had the ambitious goal to be finished in the evening in order to have the last four hours of the next day for testing, last bug fixing and painting a poster. So the atmosphere was actually not panic at all rather concentrate and efficient.

Team 1: Floribus Rabidus Electronics

The aim was to finish the project and besides a bug with the shake-switch the main functionalities are implemented and already working. But until this point the cause for the bug could not be found. But nevertheless they seemed quite confident to get everything finished in time.


Team 2: Priapos

Team two builds a large scarecrow to pick up the outdoor topic again. They worked during the weekend and could so finish everything. So Monday was bug fixing day! Also the „doll“ will get dressed today so that it would make an really scary and so realistic impression. All in all they were quite far and already finished so they were able to start all the documentation and the video today.


Team 3: Professor Pooly’s Portion Plothing

Team 3 has already built and implemented 3/4 of all the functionalities, so they had a little bit to go today. They really had problems with the implementation of the weight sensor caused by to much weight needed to activate the sensor. They planned to work really hard on that today because it is one out of four main parts of their project. They wanted also really to finish today so the whole construction (mainly the back wall) was in the laser cutter and they wanted to wire all their connections properly today.


Team 4: Mystery Box

Team 4 had a lot of smaller construction areas today: the possibility to recognize sound and to check if it was the right one is working, mainly all the other code which for example manages the servo controlling was implemented, the box out of wood was laser cut and the flap for the top of the box was built. The probably biggest challenge at this day will be to bring all the parts together and manage a working prototype and furthermore bring the ultrasound sensor to work properly.


Team 5: Ein Münchner zwischen Himmel und Erde

Team 5 finished all the components from back wall (already painted and decorated), soldered LEDs, the sections to hop on out of wood (cut and polished), springs in form of a kitchen sponge with a piece of wood to protect the LED later and soldered contacts on aluminium foil. Today is the day to build the whole construction together especially to wire all the cable connections and to write the code to control the LED lights. Time is short so they hurried up a little bit to get things done.


Team 6: Space Odyssey

Team 6 seems to be quite far in its progress so the construction out of wood was finished and also really nice sprayed. The task for today was to improve the buttons which control the servos and to integrate some LEDs so that you have a feeling of a spaceship. Also the spaceship itself was connected with cords to the back to two servos which could roll up the cord and so lift the spaceship in front. They want to finish this mechanism today.


Team 7: MouseCatch

Team 7 seemed to be good in time because they already built a drivable something which can detect obstacles – not perfect but still. So they wanted to work on the ultrasound sensor so that the mouse perfectly gets out of the way when someone or something is in the way. Besides they wanted to hide the whole cable and sensor construction under a coat which looks like a mouse.


Team 8: C-3PObstler

Team 8 has a bit trouble on this last full day of working because the heart of the project – the pump – was not really good working. But they couldn’t see any reason for not working properly and this was a problem. The rest of the construction was finished and built bit at least they will to bug fixing the rest of the day.


So all in all everybody planned to be finished soon and therefore a lot was created until this point!

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