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Team 5 – Ein Münchner zwischen Himmel und Erde (A „Munich’er“ between Heaven and Earth)

Published on: | Author: Barbara Maria Elisabeth Schindler | Categories: 2016b, Projects

“Himmel und Hölle” (in English: hopscotch) as a digital version, that was the concept which we planned to realize as a prototype within the framework of the topic scavenger hunt.

So in our project, all fields are not just only painted on the ground, but consists of boards made of wood. Four LEDs installed underside each of these boards show at the start of the three, getting more and more difficult levels the choreographies, which all have to be hopped so that the LEDs illustrates the direction to next object at the end. After showing the choreography, the LEDs signal with a countdown when it can be jumped and are also used for making it clear if the user has completed the level or done an error. These cases are determined when the aluminium foils on the underground and the steel wools also underside the boards get in contact what happens when the sponges of the boards are compressed by standing on the board. And the aluminium foils have another important advantage: they reflect the light of the LEDs, which the milky foils, stuck on the boards, break. So we required only a little amount of LEDs for lighting up all holes.

completePrototype UndersideBoards CountdownLED

A relationship to Munich we established with integrating the story of “Der Münchner im Himmel” (The “Munich’er” in Heaven”) of Ludwig Thoma by designing the hell with glasses of bear, the “Hofbräuhaus” and some well known buildings of Munich. And so in our version, the hell becomes the heaven, or not? Find it out 😉


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