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The Alchemy Lab

Published on: | Author: Thomas Wimmer | Categories: 2016b, Projects

The Alchemy Lab – Professor Pooly’s Potion Plotting

We tell the story of an old imp who is looking for a mysterious potion. And he needs your help for that! In this small alchemy lab you need to solve puzzles and riddles to finish up a potion and get a hint on where you have to go next in your Scavenger’s Hunt.

We aimed on creating a fun and challenging puzzle around the four elements – water, earth, wind and fire. After some discussions and sketches we decided on building an alchemy lab which includes the elements perfectly. Thanks to a good introduction in the beginning of the week we knew what was possible and what wasn’t – even though we had to make the painful experience that not everything we thought was doable, was actually doable.

We split the puzzle in four parts, equal to the elements.

First, you have to pour water in one of three pipes rising the water level in a fourth one making a little ball float. How to know which is the correct tube is hidden in a riddle.

The second puzzle is all about wind. The goal of this puzzle is to move a ball up by the pure power of your lungs.

Next your knowledge of gems and stones is challenged. You need to place the right gem at the right place and all you get are some hints to eventually pass this task.

The last part of potion brewing is to heat the potion up and make it boil.


To solve this puzzle you need knowledge in chemistry, physics and mineralogy. But who said brewing a potion would be easy.

A more detailed description can be found here.

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