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Space Odyssey

Published on: August 8, 2016 | Author: Laurenz Dallinger | Categories: 2016b, Projects


After an afternoon of heavy brainstorming we decided to built a game of skill named „Kletterpfad“ and extend it using two servos linked to a control panel to navigate. Furthermore we chose to give the whole project a space themed look.

The goal of the game is to navigate a little wooden ship carrying a metal ball on a almost vertical playing area, full of holes, from the button to the top. The left and the right side of the ship are linked to wires, linked to two servos, which can be controlled by two trigger switches on the control panel. If the user presses up, for example,  the right button, the servo on the right side will furl the wire, causing the ship to lift up on its right side and vice versa.



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Day 3, Wednesday 27/07/2016

Published on: August 8, 2016 | Author: Michèle Heinemann | Categories: 2016b, Daily Logs

Sketching with Hardware 2016b

Day 3, Wednesday 27.07.2016

During the first two days we have learned a little bit theory about electronic and performed some practical exercises like keyboard hacking and tutorials with the arduino. Tuesday afternoon the subject of our Sketching with Hardware Workshop was presented – Scavenger Hunt! It was required to create an outdoor-object which includes a puzzle or a task and refers to the next project. Not an easy challenge to combine a classic scavenger hunt with hardware. Fortunately our mentors assisted us with advice to develop our ideas so that each group got a relatively clear picture of their project and could already begin with the realization.


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Day 4

Published on: August 7, 2016 | Author: Maurice Rang | Categories: 2016b, Daily Logs

First of all team one used the second day of the project period to do further errands for their project. For this purpose they drove to a nearby building center. Afterwards they started with the work on the board, on which the flowers should stick later on. Therefore they cut four wholes into the board. After that they varnished the board and the bamboo canes which should be used to produce the flowers later. The goal oft he day of the team was to get the board ready so far, so that the first flowers could be fixed. During the adaption of these working steps the team had no fatal problems.

Foto 30.07.16, 21 08 48


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Group 1 – Floribus Rabidus Electronics

Published on: August 6, 2016 | Author: Thomas Mattusch | Categories: 2016b

The Electronics


Electronics explained

We used the following components:


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Group 1 – Floribus Rabidus

Published on: August 5, 2016 | Author: Maurice Rang | Categories: 2016b

We used the first day of the project phase to design our project and to determine how we will realize our idea. We made some sketches and used them to decide which material we will need for the realization of our project and how we are going to use them. We decided to use a conventional flowerpot for the basis of our project, in which we “planted” four colored flowers. Each of the flowers offers a task the user has to fulfill. They all have a name which indicates the solution to the puzzle.  The first flower is called Dandelion. To solve this riddle you have to blow into a hole, which makes a ball in a funnel go up and disrupt the contacts inside. The second flower is called Shadow-flower. This riddle is solvable with the help of a cap. If the cap is put on the flower’s head a phototransistor on it’s back is triggered. The third one is the Wiggle-Flower. Just like the name implies the task was to shake the flower a few times. The last flower is the Mystery-Flower. It has three buttons which need to be pressed in a certain order. This one is a little tricky, because it links all flowers. The necessary sequence is shown by the position of their arms. After solving all the riddles, the LEDs of all flowers start to blink and a servo, which was mounted on the back of the flower pot, moves up a sign which indicates the next station of the scavenger hunt.

Foto 01.08.16, 19 17 51-min

Attention Spoiler

If everything is done correctly, it will look like this:

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