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Team 3 – Graff-O-Phon

Published on: | Author: Florian Lehmann | Categories: 2017a, Best Projects, Projects

YO! We are Matze and Flo, both master students in media informatics and human-computer interaction. As we are strongly influenced by the hip hop culture, respectively graffiti culture, we are very proud to introduce the world’s first midi-graffiti-can-drumset: The Graff-O-Phon.

The Graff-O-Phon generates sounds with a solenoid that shoots on graffiti cans and is attached to a servo motor (vertical movement) which in turn is mounted on top of the shaft of a stepper motor (horizontal movement). This way the solenoid is able to hit the graffiti cans on several positions. Depending on the fill levels of the cans and the hitting positions, we generate twelve sounds in total.

Enough said! Fasten your seatbelt and check out the video:

Technical documentation

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