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Day 1

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We started off with the usual basics about electricity, workplace safety and review of past projects. After teams have been formed, we did some practical soldering exercises.

In the afternoon we continued with the famous “Keyboard Hacking”: Teams were given an old USB keyboard and a box of scrap materials (old toys, pieces of cardboard, wood, etc.). Now they had 2 hours to come up with their own self-made HID (human input device) for a browser game of their choice. As usual, ball switches (small tubes with a ball inside that connects 2 leads when tilted) were the sensor of choice.

Here’s what the teams built:

  • Team 1: Jumping Sensor: Stick it into your sock to play a jump & run game
  • Team 2: Guitar Hero style controller: Play the virtual guitar by¬†simply touching copper pads with your bare hands
  • Team 3: Slap sensor: Hold it in your hands, slap it to make your character jump
  • Team 4: Flappy Bird: Play Flappy Bird by actually flapping!
  • Team 5: Two-player TRON: Challenge your friend by playing a round of TRON using this pair of little steering wheels
  • Team 6: Bear Game Boy: Play a self-written jump & run game using this teddybear style game pad

We’ll have pictures and videos of those projects up here soon.

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