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Published on: | Author: Bernhard Slawik | Categories: 2014b, Projects

We are proud to announce this term’s topic:

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Each team’s task is to create a self-driving and Bluetooth controlled vehicle with at least two special functions.

During the initial brainstorming session the teams came up with the following project ideas:

  • Team 1: “Paparazzo Bot”: A robot that follows your every step, waiting for the right moment to snap a picture and post it
  • Team 2: “Card Dealer”: A car that automatically deals playing cards by driving around on the table
  • Team 3: “Sneaky Paint”: Just an old paint bucket. Or is it?
  • Team 4: “Active Plant”: A plant that automatically seeks light and moisture
  • Team 5: “Dog”: A voice and smartphone controlled dog with quite some tricks up its sleeve
  • Team 6: “Cookie Monster”: A physical 2-player game involving throwing candy in the air

Stay tuned for updates, pictures and videos!

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