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Crunchy Carla

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The first thing we thought about was an object in motion whith a playful interaction. We expoited the idea of throwing an object into a basket. The appearence should resemble to a monster. Prompt we were certain that our object would became a candy monster. The big mouth will unsnap widly and invite the beholder to throw sweets in it. The beholder gets visual feedback when he struck. The monster eats sweets as long as it is full. Afterwards it closes its mouth.



First of all our monster drives independently through the instructions it gets from the arduino. But it can be also controlled through software via bluetooth. Furthermore it is able to clap its mouth up and down. This operation is powered by a servomotor. Because of the attached push sencor it notices when an object drops into its gorge. The RGB LED’s in its eyes let it glow. The actual  color expresses its feelings. Aditionally it wags its tail.


Design concept

We attached great importance to the monsters appearance. Basic Elements were the characteristics of a monster. We wanted to give him a particular character. It shall forward the message, that it´s not only kind of a game you can play with, but an animalic creature with feelings. We decided to make its eyes outstanding in order to catch the observers attention. Its skin must be remarkable in order to hide all components it consists of.  After  giving it a female name we added eyelashes as a typical female element. Theeth and a tail complete the look of our monster. The tail´s spikes was an additiv element which should give emphasis on her beastly beeing.





Step by Step

Unscrewing the car



Developing a mechanism for the mouth´s movement



Building the monster´s eyes with RGB LEDs

Testing and placing the push sensor



Placing the textil for the body

Placing the second servo at the back for wagging the tail

Writing the code for the different modes

Compositing all components and testing





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