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Day 6 – The final Countdown

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Only one day left until the final presentation, this last full working day was not the 6th, but actually the 8th day, as most teams worked on their projects on the weekend. Almost all teams had still major problems to solve, so an intense and long last day was to be expected.

Team 1 – The great Carholio

Due to various major hardware and software issues, Team Carholio had to rethink big parts of their initial concept. Instead of a following life-logging drone, they now planned to build a following music machine (8-bit-style). Within only a few hours of detailed and repetitive work, Steve-B and one half of Team 4, brought Carholios version of a classic theme song from Zelda (sorry for my illiteracy regarding exact Zelda-knowledge – @Steve-B please leave a comment J) to perfection, which lead to bleeding ears and nervous breakdowns by some of the other present participants.

Nevertheless, work on the casing preceded. The body was painted black and the eyes were equipped with LEDs.


Carholio’s black body


Carholio’s eyes

Team 2 – The Cardinator 3000

The work on the Cardinator 3000, the card-dealing-table-robot preceded well. Both team-members were confident to reach finalization on time.

The current status was all positive: All sensors worked properly, as well as the card-dealing mechanism.

So besides to achieving their final goals, consisting of bringing the parts together and building the casing, Max had time to give some musical assistance to Steve-B.



Card-dealing machine



Naked chassis

Team 3 – Sneaky Paint

Team Sneaky paint should encounter a problem, which would affect most teams of the workshop: Dealing with weak motors. Team 3 had a straightforward solution: more power!

First, Max wanted to use a lithium-battery to power up the engines. Thanks to Bernhard’s intervention, no serious harm was done. Max explains why:

Instead, they used three 9V-batteries, which worked quite well.



New power supply



Sneaky Paint’s inside


Team 4 – Fridolin Fiskus

Fridolin Fiskus began to take shape during the weekend. Task for today was to bring parts together and test, debug and teach Fridolin driving behavior. Seemed to be manageable…

But the day began with a smaller catastrophe – the steering motor broke down. So the first hours went on finding a new compatible motor and replacing the old one.

After solving this unexpected issue, they could resume to bring the parts together, which meant integrating 7 sensors and calibrating robotic driving logic.

Despite highly concentrated work, Team 4 didn’t leave university until 1.30 AM.



Nicki integrating collision-detection sensors into the housing



Fun with plant pots


Chassis without broken steering motor

Team 5 – BlueTo

During the weekend, Team BlueTo has build a whole new dog-model. Instead of using a soft toy, they decided to build an own dog-construction.

As most Teams, their plan for the day was to finish the casing and bring the parts together. They also had to do a bit of programming, but seemed optimistic that no major issues would arise.


New not-so-fluffy version of BlueTo



Building Blue-To

Team 6 – Crunchy Carla

The beautiful candy-monster Carla took shape during the weekend. Although the upper head was still separated from the rest, you could already imagine the extraordinary looks of that candy-eating diva.

Besides of course bringing the parts together, Team 6 had to solve various problems:

The servo for the wagging monster-tail broke down, they had to transfer their whole circuit to a new breadboard and had to find a solution for the common motor-energy-problem


Crunchy Carla’s beautiful eyes


Temporarily not-wagging tail


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