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Day 4

Published on: September 3, 2014 | Author: Thomas Steinbrecher | Categories: 2014b, Daily Logs

Day 4 – Work in Progress


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Published on: September 3, 2014 | Author: Alexander Leupold | Categories: 2014b, Projects

The Team

Team 5 consists of Nils Holland-Cunz, who is currently doing his Bachelor in Medieninformatik, and Alexander Leupold, currently doing his Master in Computer Science.

Keyboard Hacking

On the first day, our task was to do a simple keyboard hack. We came up with the idea to build two controllers for the browser game We used two tilt switches per controller and soldered them to the keyboard circuit board.


Our simple controllers for curvefever – worked pretty well!


Our Arduino Project: BlueTo


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Day 2 – An introduction to Arduino

Published on: September 2, 2014 | Author: Alexander Leupold | Categories: 2014b, Lecture

After having learnt the basics of electronics on the first day, it was time to get going and learn something about Arduino – the platform we are using to realize our projects. It’s an open source hardware platform which uses an Atmel AVR microcontroller and has several input and output pins to attach all different kinds of hardware. These can be sensors, LEDs, buttons, switches, servos and motors, everything we need for our projects.

Thus, day two was intended to give us a detailed introduction into Arduino, it’s IDE, wiring circuits and using all the electronic components. Here are some of the things we learned:


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Day 7 – Final Presentation

Published on: September 1, 2014 | Author: Oliver Neuner | Categories: 2014b, Daily Logs, Final Presentations

It seems like the overall slogan of today is “gather your energy”! Not only that some teams look pretty tired from working till late in the past few days. No, most of the teams are facing energy/power issues right before the presentation. But in the end each team presented their projects in a charming and confident way. And even the jurors are blown away from the overall topic and the ideas.