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Day 5 – Second day in project phase

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It’s friday morning – the ideas were all further developed and implementation started now. There were some early birds in the garage, others were tinkering and brazing downstairs.



Team 1 – Chessboard without figures

Team 1 began creating the chessboard. They suceeded in fabricating the Matrix with side and crossbars, wiring all the bars and brazing them together. The chessboard seemed to be ready right before the weekend. However, installing LEDs and establishing connections both are still in progress. Hopefully they will manage it later on to establish the connection between chessboard and the figures with heaps of nails and tin solder.

IMG_20150327_100147 IMG_20150327_151337

In fact Team 1 wanted to start printing chessboard figures with our 3D printer, but the printer decided not to do anything. So they had to wait until monday where the printer would be greased and hopefully work again.

If the greasing would not help or the printing would consume too much time, there was a plan b: switching from chess to checkers – as their figures can be printed faster.

We wish good luck for team 1 and happy soldering!


Team 2 – Trouble? Nah, easy going… 🙂

IMG_20150327_100020  IMG_20150327_110405

Team 2 was well organized and not stressed at all. Their software was already coded and completed by the end of this second project day. It was able to distinguish instruments by different hand gestures. When you asked them about any problems, they could only think of trivial ones.

The goal for next week was putting the finishing touches on their design. With this progress team 2 would be able to enjoy a relaxed weekend and make some others jealous!


Team 3: Panpipe – where did the time go?

Team 3 was not able to spend much time on their project this day as they both had to write an exam in the morning – hopefully with great success! Afterwards they had to go shopping some material at the construction market, so they showed up after lunchtime.

The hard work from the day before payed off – they made a light sensor work which detects finger interaction on the panpipe. Throughout this afternoon they wanted to finish the remaining three ones. For increasing productivity they split up tasks. One person prepared the pipe while the other one was soldering cables to get a working prototype at the end of the day.

IMG_20150327_150602 IMG_20150327_155710 


Team 4: Crazy bike drum

After the spinning wheel drum, team 4 wondered about more „bike instruments“. They decided to develop a bell ringing automatically.

At the end of the day the ringing bell was finished and the idea of further instruments was born: a rattle with bearing balls of a bike and a fender knocker.


Besides, the team continued with developing the software to react promptly to MIDI input. For test purposes, they used the „Hairless MIDI ↔ Serial“ application to simulate MIDI input.


Team 5 – Tension between 5V and 12V

IMG_20150327_130111 IMG_20150327_100159

On the second project day, team 5 was working on motor control via board. Therefore they used two electrical circuits – one with 5V and the other one with 12V. This raised  a few difficulties of plugging connections into the board and bringing the two electrical circuits together. To solve this problem they used a transistor. Finally they managed it to get one of the motors working – still seven more missing. Still more fun left with plugging all these cables and connections, team Xylophon!


Team 6 – How to create a telephone board yourself:

IMG_20150327_100010 IMG_20150327_125400

Team 6 ran into problems caused by their telephone board. They spent the whole morning working hard and lastly they recognized that the telephone board was not working as it should. So the task of the day was constructing their own board consisting of nails and a lot of solder joints. Nevertheless the contacts to the board would remain the same – pressing the keys of the phone established a connection to the nails. Finally they installed a MIDI-amplifier and controller.


Team 7+8: deeh-da-di-deew

IMG_20150327_100002 IMG_20150327_125352

Team 7 + 8 succeeded in installing the LEDs. To get this done, it was not enough using a 9V battery – no, this monster needed a 12V battery package to light them up!

Moreover, they tested playing different melodies through the arduino – and yaay – it worked! Everybody sitting close to them had a catchy song afterwards 😉

They enhanced their wind chimes and organized to play sound, lights and rotation simultaneously. Therefore they had to connect everything via a transistor – otherwise the motor control would interfere with the LEDs resulting in the LEDs not lighting up. However, the transistor helped and simultaneous interaction was now possible! Congrats!


Hoping that every group was satisfied with their day’s work, all the teams could start for the weekend. Goodbye until next week and time to relax with two days without hacking!




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