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Day 8: The final 3 hours before the presentation

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We were warned by Bernhard, that in the last years the final hours before the presentation were always cursed and no project was safe from magically breaking down and going up in flames.

With this in mind every sketcher is on the edge of their seats and rushing to finish their work. Well everyone except for Group 2, who finalized their “one-man/woman-vest” the day before, Group 78, which is shifting between updating their mashroom with even cooler sounds and “lending” it as a testing device to other groups and Group 5, that took the last 3 hours off of since their xylophone was already working like a charm.

Group 1, which took a night shift the day before to wire up all the existing pawns with LEDs, is now waiting for the 3D Printer to finish their second set. Nelson is not shy to brag about the 500+ soldering connections it took to make their cool boardgame-soundmatrix a reality. If there was a award for that -and there should be-Group 1 would be well deserving. Even though there is some bugfixing ahead before “Pawntatonic” will work, both teammembers are confident they will finish before the presentation.

Soldering the last pawns.

Soldering the last pawns.

Group 3:

After a short shock (The code, that was implemented the night before, was nowhere to be found, but could be recovered from the TEMP folder) group “flute” is drilling some holes to integrate the MIDI-connector into the final design. Some serious metal-working was necessary to cut of the iron roads that hold the  pipes together. Some sanding and a new Button that lets the musician change the scales from Pentatonic to Japanese makes the instrument look and sound like something you might actually find in a futuristic “Fussgängerzone”. At least from the front.

Panflutes: Finally MIDI compatible!

Panflutes: Finally MIDI compatible!


While the bike drummers (Group 4) are finalizing their software issues, group “Telefone”(Group 5): could finish their Button-Matrix and is now scouring the internet for the freshest samples. They are also figuring out how to cram the SD-Card reader, the Arduino and the Button-Matrix into the tight frame of the phone.

Not only were all groups spared from major disasters, but other groups gave a hand to other teams solve problems they solved before, like implementing MIDI-output. After all tables are cleaned up, the teams are ready to present their projects and make some beautiful music. The only question now is, when we will hear the words: “It worked before, I swear!”


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