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The Final Presentation

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After all, the bic concert (also known as the final presentation) has come and the participants are excited to see how the concluding projects sound (and look) like. Questions, like “is it really possible to connect a pan flute to a glockenspiel?” fill the room. Here is what the teams have achieved:

Team 1: PAWNtatnoic

The opening act is played by Sonia and Nelson on a chessboard. The board itself and all of the pawns are perfectly designed so that no wires can be seen. PAWNtatonic plays a loop which can be modified by the position of the pawns. Moreover, there are two knobs that let the user define the velocity and the tonal system and a MIDI-output which makes it possible to connect the chessboard to other output instruments.


Team 2: InstrumHands

Melanie and Christian created a little band, totally integrated in a fashionable vest. With the vest you can either play a flute (by holding your hands in front of your body), an accordion (by laying your hands upon the sewn-in accordion at the front of the vest) or an e-bass (by holding the left hand up and putting the right hand upon the sewn-in keys in front of the vest). The InstrumHands have also a MIDI-output, enabling the connection to other instruments.


Team 3: MIDI Pan flute

Alexander and Fabian have definitely created the best portable of all instruments: A pan flute recognizing by propellers in combination with light sensors whether someone blows or not. Four pipes and four buttons enable the user to play eight notes. As the pan flute is a MIDI-input device, the musicians have to wait for a MIDI-output device to present the full potential of their instrument.


Team 4: Drum like a bike

What a happy coincidence, team 4 developed a MIDI-output device, needing a MIDI-input device for its presentation. The concept – a drum machine, consisting of different parts of a bicycle – got clear by explanation. The demonstration of its harmonious sound would only work in combination with the MIDI-input instruments like the MIDI pan flute. Playing a pan flute and simultaneously seeing a wheel spinning around, seemed to be the depiction of cause and effect par excellence.


Team 6: Music Production Phone

Teresa and Rainer enriched the concert through a diversity of sounds. Their Music Production Phone (MMP) brought the known concept of music production centers into the exceptional shape of a phone. Each key was assigned to a different sound and also here, a MIDI-output made it possible to connect to other instruments.


Team 7/8: The Magic Mashroom

When Alina, Sven and Chris entered the stage with their Magic Mashroom, they did not simply let the Magic Mashroom play songs but they brought a whole lightshow into the scene. Depending on the music, the Magic Mashroom creates a convenient atmosphere. As it has a MIDI-input as well as a MIDI-output, it may be connected to MIDI-input as wee as to MIDI-output instruments. An all-rounder!


Team 5: Der Gerät 2.0

Kai and Felix’s automatic “glockenspiel” concluded the show. As their instrument is a MIDI-output instrument, they demonstrated the functionality by connecting it to the Magic Mashroom. Eight small mallets driven by eight motors alternately beat the colourful claves and bring back childhood memories.


After the great show everyone called for an encore, so that everything ended in the most entertaining part. All of the MIDI-input instruments were combined with the different MIDI-output instruments. Pretty to watch!




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