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Day 6 – The second last day

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After the weekend, which was for some teams stressless while others were busy as a bee, it was time for the second last day of sketching with hardware. On the following image you will find a diagram which shows the stress level of every team. As you can see some of teams run into problems, while others managed it to go according to their plan.


The plan of Team 1 for the day was to integrate their functioning single parts of the code and to work on the design of their project. While connecting LED´s by soldering and mounting components on a big board worked as expected, they had trouble with the WLAN but were able to solve those problems later that day. In the in the afternoon they found out that their LED´s weren´t only able to shine, one of them had a special feature: It even was able to generate smoke! Despite this problem the Team kept clam and had a successful day.

Team 2 also had a solve some problems with the WLAN, later that day those were solved by detecting a corrupt connection and resetting the connection to the access point in a loop.
By hacking a servo and connect it to their “music box” (Spieluhr) they wanted to play music. Unfortunately the servo was very loud and not only the musical clock used the board as a resonance body. A time eating construction out of small boards, a wooden adapter and a servo embedded with elastic band was constructed. At the end of the day their sweetie catapult broke, because the perspex wasn´t strong enough and broke into pieces. In the overtime hours it was rebuilt and screws were replaced against rubber band to make it more flexible and reduce the force on the Perspex

Team 3 was really diligent on weekend and they expected a medium workload and stress level for the day. Their main tasks this day were putting everything together, solving WLan problems and building pressure sensors to measure if a hook is empty or something is hanging on it. Their day ran as expected and they had no bigger problems.

Team 4 was confident that their day wouldn´t be very stressful, because they did some work on weekend.


They had to complete the wires between the Arduino and their “GlowBus”, a lot of wires because they used 34 LED´s for the project. As you can see at the stress level diagram the Team had a successful day.

Team 5 was also really diligent on weekend. Bigger problems were solved and so they started with a very slow stress level into the day. They managed it to stream pictures over the WLan by inserting a proxy between the source of the pictures and the Arduino which is sending the frames of a picture by and by to their display inside the “Optogram”. So Team 5 was mainly doing detail improvements, designing a logo and fixing some trouble with the WLan controller.

Team 6 startet with communication problems into the day. Their WLan didn´t like to work as expected, but the stress for this team decreased fast by fixing this problem. The rest of the day they were improving details and mounting the last features into their “Book Infinite”.

Team 7 started with an stress level of 2 into the day and although their project was nearly complete they got some trouble at the end of the day. First everything went ok, the implemented scrolling for longer text on the LCD-Display and managed it to parse the answers of their cleverbot correctly. But at the end of the day it was time to connect all the cables and fix the typewriter onto the suitcase where the amount of cables turned out as tricky. But in the end of the day the Team was able to complete the time eating wiring.

Team 8 started with the highest stress level. At the beginning of the second last day they solved their problems with parsing strings, while parallel the wiring was completed.
But the Bluetooth connection turned out to be a bigger problem as expected. The team had to recognize that the belt for measuring ones pulse as well as the Bluetooth receiver, which they wanted to connect to the Arduino were running as slaves and there was no chance that they could be programmed as a master. So no connection between them was possible. After those bad news they ran into trouble with the WLan Module which was also time wasting, but could be solved. Unfortunately at the end of the day they had again some trouble with the initial positioning of the needles, which wasn´t as easy as expected. But, in the end of the day the team managed to solve all the problems apart from the Bluetooth connection which was by design impossible.

Some of the teams were working till evening, but it was a pleasant working atmosphere without much stress. The teams which were in time bought beer and the still working teams managed it to have a break, sit in the sun and talk to each other before finishing their work for this day.

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