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Day 3 – Brainstorming Day

Published on: September 29, 2015 | Author: Bernhard Slawik | Categories: 2015b, Daily Logs

After we we’re given this semester’s topic on Tuesday, Wednesday was all about defining our concepts in more detail. So we started with a meeting in which each team presented their idea(s) which were then discussed. Whereas some groups already had a very clear idea of what they were going to build, others we’re still considering multiple ideas. But through some feedback from the tutors and peers each team had a good idea of what they would do in the following days after the discussion.

After that, some teams tried to further specify their concepts whereas others directly started to try out sensors and actuators they wanted to use in their projects. Also, almost all teams went out to do shopping in DIY markets, antiques shops, or toy shops to find equipment for their prototypes. In the afternoon, all teams finally had a good idea of what they were to build over the next days and started to figure out how to use the technology in detail.




(by Bernhard Vogler)

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