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Day 7

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The final day

Tuesday, the 12th September was unfortunately the last day of the event and therefore also the day of the final presentation. This means that most teams were busy with their projects until late at night.

The following diagram provides information about the previous night.


The presentation took place at noon and was visited by external guests (mainly by the professorship). As a result the teams were under great strain and tried to comply with the deadline for the presentation session.

This diagram shows the stress factor of each team.

Subsequent the daily routine of each team is summarized and described.

Team 1


A boombox was modernized by a new amplifier, MP3 player and LED-Faces.


After the device has been assembled, interference signals were generated. The signals showed connections with the LEDs It was assumed that the reason for this was the poor shielding as well as the power supply. Thus, resistors and a direct current connection were integrated. At the end the poster was drawn.

Team 2


The desk lamp based on the Pixar Animation Studios received servos and a motor to move it. In addition the lampshade of the used IKEA lamp was equipped with LEDs.


This group started with a big shock in the day as their project suddenly began to smoke. After a while the error was analyzed and corrected. The cause was a defective servo, which had to be replaced. It also became clear that the voltage of the used power supply was 7.9 instead of 6 volt. Afterwards there were no more problems, whereby the stress was decreased and the team used the remaining time for drawing the poster.

Team 3


An antique slide viewer got the additional function to display hidden content.


This team also had to deal with so many problems. Among other things an Arduino burned and after integrating a transistor the whole project did not work anymore. Then the complete code had to be restructured. An hour before the presentation, however, everything was ready and functional.

Team 4


The so-called “bandit box” was developed here, which function was to open and close the box by rotating a switch.


There was a problem with the integration of the software. The function to open the box ran and after copying the code one to one in the final project the box didn’t open anymore. They called this section „engineering with glue“.

Team 5


This team developed a binary clock with a special alarm function, in which the user was given a glucose.


The team was ready so far and excited if the project still works after the assembly. It had noticed how other teams got unexpected problems during this step. As anticipated there were problems increasing the stress level strongly. One problem was a jamming servo.

Team 6


A classic dial telephone has been enhanced with new functionalities.


The stress factor for the team was high, although the whole project got off to a promising start initially. After the phone had been assembled it was exactly the opposite. The fault was suspected of a non-connected mass or a disturbing induction. However the difficulties could be solved at the end and the project was successfully assembled.

Team 7


Everyone likes music. So this team built an Arduino DJ console which has not only a fader but also a scratch function.


Everything went as desired, so the team was completely relaxed. There was only a little detail work in the area of code and optics. Even before the end there were no problems. So the team still borrowed a cap and stocked it for show purposes with LEDs.

Team 8


Visual effects are always fascinating. This is why an “Infinity Mirror” was designed which produces breathtaking effects using LEDs, a mirror film and servos.


There were no problems. The basic idea worked perfectly and only a few effects were programmed. It is known that changes to a functioning software are somewhat risky, but the team had everything under control and expected the visitors of the exhibition.


At the end:


After the teams successfully presented their projects, the project of the second team was honored as one of the best projects. Afterwards, the tutors and students went to a tavern to complete the internship.

Now the students are waiting for Sketching with Hardware 2!  =)

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