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Day 4 – let the show begin

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Yesterday everyone has finally chosen their topic of this years “Sketching with Hardware”. Every team has an idea what they want to do next on their project. Some of them already have built a a rough construction, others are still considering to find out how they can build their projects as good as possible.

Team 1 – “Mister Cool”

During the round of introduction almost every team wanted to do a project with a garden gnome. Team 1 had the idea to use the garden gnome as a guardian. They already made a wooden box with the laser cutter and used ultrasonic sensors, that allows the garden gnome to move in the direction, where somebody is standing.  They also integrated a camera with raspberry pie. Unfortunately, it doesn´t work perfectly right now. The camera will take a picture of the person. If the person is smiling nothing will happen, but if the person is not smiling the garden gnome will spit water. The Team has a lot of fun with the project and they fix their technical problems really fast, so their stress-level seems to be pretty low. If there is still some time left, they want to install a speaker for various sound effects.


Team 2 – “vollautomatisches Vogelhaus”

Team 2 hasn’t decided on the name for their project, but they know exactly which features they want to do. The Birdhouse will have an automatically fly swat, as you can see in the picture below. They used a servo motor and a stepper motor and many rubber bands. They told me they also want to do add an opening system for the rooftop and a door lock to save the birds. They already made a box with the laser cutter and now they are trying to figure out how they can realize their features. At the moment they have a problem with the size of the project. The Team doesn’t know where to begin. But both of them are confident and have a lot of fun with the project. So stay tuned if you want to know what happens next!


Team 3 –  “Moosgraffiti”

Team 3 had a very creative Idea. They want to spray graffiti on a wall with moss. At the moment the team is working on their spray can. It’s a canister filled with a liquid of moss and soap. They attached two wooden sticks at the side of the can. This will help to attach the can on their rope-construction. The team want to integrate different types of use. One type is that the can automatically spray the graffiti on the wall. The other function is that a user can design his own graffiti with a joystick. Actually they have some struggle with the stepper motor, but the team is good in time. The goal for today is to finish up the framework and start with first testings. Last but not least I have to mention that team 3 has the biggest consumption of Club Mate ;)


Team 4 – “Vogelhaus aka Hans”

The name of the project is Hans a Birdhouse, but it’s not for birds. Hans shall protect plants with the help of light sensors. They want to add rails with which the plant can be moved inside or outside of the house. Today one of the members was in the property market to get some rails and other stuff for the project, but they had some bad luck with that. He had to wait for a long time and in the end he forgot the rails in the market. They told me they want to make a plan for the upcoming events, so they won’t forget anything. They are currently working on the construction of the wooden box for the birdhouse and the teammembers are confident to realize all features they have in mind.


Team 5 – “Krötenstation”

Team 5 want to make a home for toads, where they can live and be protected. They are currently working on their ping-pong-ball-construction. Unfortunately it’s not working regular. The Team used a motor and attached a ventilator to drop out the ping-pong-balls. Sometimes it’s not working right because the ventilator doesn’t hit the ball on the right position. They spend a lot of time on this construction and want to try another method. Right now the team wants to concentrate on their other features because they feel as if they are running out of time.


Team 6 –  “Watertag”

Team 6 has created a water fun game for the garden. Today they talked about their concept and what they want to do next. They already made a west with the laser cutter and attached LED lights to it.  Because of the water they have to consider how to fix the electronic safely. They also began their testings phase to be sure the LED lights are working. It seems the team is right in time, and we are all excited when the project is finished.


Team 7 – “automatische Aufzuchtstation für kleine Pflanzen “

The Team decided their Project can automatically set the light and water regulation. They already have a construction with wood as you can see in the picture. With the help of various sensors, it should be recognized whether there is too much or too little light. With a motor attached to a pull rope regulates the height of the LED lamp. At the moment, the team has the problem, that the lamp is too heavy for the construction. But they want to solve the problem with ball bearings. They also used new spaces, because the material used before was too soft. They also do a lot of testing to find out, how their project works at its best.



Team 8 – “automatisches Saatgerät”

Last but not least Team 8 with the automatic sow device. As the name suggests, this device shall automatically disperse seeds when you are standing on a green area. Yesterday we spend most of the time with brainstorming. We found an old ventilator in the workshop and thought this would be a perfect use for our device. Beside our ventilator we attached 3 servo motors to open and close the various hatches. Today we want to search for suitable cases for our device and want to buy seeds for our testing phase. At this moment we have some struggle with the android app. The USB connection to the android device is not working perfectly, but we are confident to reach our goals in the next days.


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