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Day 6 – the day before final presentations

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Today is day 6, what means that it is the day before the final presentation. It is Monday the 3rd of September 2018, the outside temperature in the Frauenlobstraße is 18 degrees. After a rainy weekend it clears up slowly. A good omen? The mood of the teams is still positive and the students seem relaxed to the outside. But the stress-level is slowly rising.



Because at the weekend most of the inventors took a well-deserved break, also the time management of the teams seems to be good. At 9 o’clock in the morning not many teams are present yet, only gradually they arrive in the internships rooms. According to a survey the naught-o-mation engineers see no problem with the completion of the naughty gadgets and sh!tty robots.


Creative chaos reigns in the cramped space. On the workstations, shapes can be recognized and features can be guessed. Nevertheless it remains exciting, what the other teams will present tomorrow, since everyone works concentrated on their own project. Bernhard and Boris provide support in emergencies today as well.

The following is a brief overview of the nine projects in their final stages:


Team 1 DirtCleanER

Team 1 – with the final project name “DirtCleanER” – was the only team who was in the university at the weekend to fight the race against time. A transparent foil was attached to the self-crafted cube in which the cleaning will take place. The duo’s goal for the day is to “finish the project”. The other teams gave exactly the same answer on the question what the today’s goal is. In addition, the aim is to bring together the overall composition of the “DirtCleanER” so that the entire functionality can then be tested in a single run. The biggest challenge is to get the cable chaos under control. Design issues such as the positioning of the display must also be clarified one day before the presentation.

Features-itis-level [1 - 10]: 4


Team 2 Smart mouse house

In order for the project title to be justified, the house for the mouse must be completed today with the help of the laser cutter. The day’s task is also to debug the arduino code and then install the cabling in the house’s substructure. The infrared sensor that detects whether the mouse has entered the house is challenging. To make it more reliable, the wooden door was simply replaced by a transparent acrylic plastic. Hopefully this also corresponds to the aesthetic sensation of the mouse …

Features-itis-level [1 - 10]: 6  


Team 3 Dish Devil

The “Dish Devil” team gave the project a delightful logo (> see picture) over the weekend and also implemented a twitter feature. The naughty gadget is now tweeting to the social media community that the user is neglecting his dishes. On day 6, a vibration motor is to be installed. Then the logic of the sequence has to be adapted to the code for the ESP controller. Between expectation and reality concerning the design of the “Dish Devil”, there is still a gap. The coarse wood look should give way.

Features-itis-level [1 - 10]: 6


Team 4 Snack2Go

On the weekend team 4 programmed the Snack2Go to be really mobile. In the construction market more material was procured: base plate, nuts, screws and a lot of flat washers. These materials are needed for the completion of the movement mechanism today. The tricky part is that the four sensors have to recognize, from which side the candy thief is approaching. The snack bowl should then drive away in the opposite direction.

Features-itis-level [1 - 10]: 1


Team 5 In your face

Team 5 is happy with their work progress. New additions are a start button for the make-up program and lighting. Now it’s time for wiring and soldering. Instead of a rosy powder layer, the code gets the digital finishing touch on the PC. The analog challenge is the arrangement of the make-up equipment in the box (make-up egg, powder puffs, brushes > see picture). These are placed pretty close to each other for anatomical reasons. The make-up utensils also have a proven distance to the face, so that the user looks optimized at best after application.

Features-itis-level [1 - 10]: 6


Team 6 Weighn

After small code adjustments at the weekend, the goal of day 6 is to connect a huge mirror to the personal scale. The “body-positive” mirror is controlled and moved by a small motor. In addition a separate display of the scale must be attached visibly, so that the user sees his weight. The difficulty for the developers is, that the mirror should react unexpectedly to the user’s weight. Naughty…

Features-itis-level [1 - 10]: 3


Team 7 iClean – millennial wash.

To ensure that nothing prevents an all-round smartphone cleaning on the day of presentation, team iCleans’ task for today is soldering, soldering and soldering. In addition to the implemented washing cycles, a spinning feature is also installed today. Other small functions such as a water spray and LED-lighting for a pleasant atmosphere should also be realized. Unfortunately after the “iClean” box was glued together and the electrical equipment was stowed in the box, the vibration motor for the spin cycle gave up after a short time (irreparable cable broke). Without further ado an even stronger and louder replacement was procured… to the joy of all involved.

Features-itis-level [1 - 10]: 1000


Team 8 Whats the story – morning glory

The motto of Team 8 is also “finishing”, soldering and installing all the electrical equipment in the wooden breakfast cube. The features of the milk output (by means of an electric pump) and the automatic photo trigger still have to be made to work. The biggest challenge on day 6 is the “mess” caused by the naughty breakfast machine. How can the electrics be protected from the overflowing bowl full of milk and cornflakes?

Features-itis-level [1 - 10]: 3


Team 9 Feline cuisine

The makers of “feline cuisine” want to conclude today with the implementation of the desired functionalities. The feed dispenser and the catapult have to be finished. An “RFID-station” for the contactless identification of cats still has to be built. The integration of a water spray to scare the four-legged friends is seen as a challenge. However, unfortunately it turns out that this will not remain the only difficulty.

Features-itis-level [1 - 10]: 2


Put in a nutshell …

… on day 6 all teams could use the time to get the projects running and add some final features to them. Fortunately nobody had to work night shifts, especially since the next day, there was still a few hours to fine-tune the naughty gadgets and sh!tty robots.

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