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Friday – The day we are not “Frei”. But still have time!

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Interviewer – It’s me:

It’s Day 5, a Friday noon. I chose the time to do the interview before everybody went to lunch. 

In German, we call Friday “Freitag”. “Frei” means free. Actually, we are not free, because we still have work to do. It is the third day we started to build our project, and just one and a half day left. We still have time to achieve our goals and reconsider the additional features we want. 

I really curious about the complement degrees of each team.🤔 Because we still have time, which means, The groups with more accomplished degrees are able to consider additional features they liked. Maybe those with relatively low completion rates need to consider abandoning some minor features that have little to do with the main functions. So today is critical. And maybe they can share me with some works they expected to do today. It would be interesting to compare their plans for today with what they ultimately achieved.

The following contents are the paraphrases of the speakers from each team.

I’m sorry that I’m a confused journalist 🙃 – I forgot to take pictures of the projects from each team. All the photos below are from one member of each group. I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to them for their sponsorship.


#Team1 Dirt CleanER -It’s me again:

-Completion Degree:   (Oh, I know that the first time you see this progress icon you may think it will continue to load – sorry, no! That’s what I’m using this icon for. 😈)

-Confidence in achieving goals in the end: I think so. We’re also thinking about adding some interesting features.

-Stress level: 4 😉

Today’s task: Our color sensor should be work. However, the mapping relation between the value returned from the sensor and the RGB value of the clothing color is a bit problematic, and the difference in the returned value is a bit too small. So we still need to debug. We then need to build the shelves and consider the location of each component (such as fans, servos, sensors).




#Team 2 The Smart Mouse House

– Completion Degree:   

– Confidence in achieving goals in the end: Maybe. It depends on today’s complement. This day they still have a lot of things to do.

-Stress level: 0 😎 Because they already knew it clear that what they should do and all they need is just time.

Today’s task: Their main topic today is assembling. I was pleased to see that this group is ready for assembling. The accessories need to be in the right position, hope they can work well together – by the way, this is the common wish of all the groups (or maybe a nightmare?). In addition, perhaps they need a power supply.



#Team 3 Dish Devil:

-Completion Degree: 

 Confidence in achieving goals in the end: Maybe. Maybe they will not get all the figures done because they decided too many things before, however, they want their column, which is also the main function, to be fully functional.

-Stress level: 0 😎

Today’s task: Their mission today is adjusting the rotation speed of the column (the part wrapped in black tape in the picture below), which was too high, the string attached to it is going to be wrapped around it.



#Team 4 Snack to Go:

-Completion Degree:

My interviewee was waiting for her team member to bring her something. The function of the motor was already completed yesterday. Today they are going to show how to program for motion.

Confidence in achieving goals in the end: She said yes! 💍👰🏻💒💕  Sorry, wrong. It should be this: ✔️

-Stress level: 😊 they are not nervous but under pressure, because they want to get their job done.

Today’s task: As she said, the primary mission today is programming, the movement of the food should work in different directions, which should be calculated correctly.



#Team 5 In Your Face

– Completion Degree:

In terms of basic functionality, they’ve done about 70 percent, and maybe they can do it all today. Wow!🤩

Confidence in achieving goals in the end:  a big YES ✅  As added features, they are considering adding LED flashing and fan-related features. It’s going to take some time, and they need to think about it according to today’s actual schedule. Up until today, they have finished their work very well. Congratulations! 🎉

-Stress level: No feeling of stress.😎

Today’s task: Today they will consider the function of lipsticks. Now the lipstick part of the device is working, but they are considering the possibility of using multiple colors of lipsticks.




#Team 6 Weighn

– Completion Degree: 

Confidence in achieving goals in the end: Yes, he believes.✔️

-Stress level: 3 😉 Just a little nervous.

Today’s task:  They are going to try out the function of displayer, want to adopt another display method instead of the original one.




#Team 7 iClean – millennial wash

-Completion Degree:

Confidence in achieving goals in the end: Complement? That is what exactly they wanted!✔️

-Stress level: 7 😣 Because they changed their plan so that today they have a lot of things to do.

Today’s task: Their squirt gun was too powerful, it gushed so much water that their equipment was getting wet.💦 😖 So they need to rethink the structure or function of the device. Things they need to think about today are also, such as the effect of placing a phone on the platform and getting the phone shaken off.




#Team 8 What’s the story – morning glory

-Completion Degree: 

Confidence in achieving goals in the end: A little drifting off the course now. If they got lucky, they can still get 100% done. If not, maybe 70%.

-Stress level: 0 😎

Today’s task:  Today they started programming, which is a difficulty. And also, button, two servos, a LED and to connect their phone to take a photo automatically (if it can be done today).




#Team 9 Feline cuisine

-Completion Degree: technology: overall: 

Confidence in achieving goals in the end: They need to think. Maybe they could not get all the figures they wanted to be done at the end. They planned for 3 additional features, but maybe they will achieve two of them.

-Stress level: 4 😉 Sorry, that this question was asked yesterday. Good to know, that today, my interviewee thought they’re in a good state of stress!

Today’s task:  The function they want to consider today is how to implement the function of dropping food from a high place into the bowl then bouncing the bowl up.




At the end of Friday

I’m glad to see that each group is doing very well. Each group is working toward their goals and keeping moving forward. Most of the groups are more than halfway done, and some are considering some interesting additional features. Although the progress icons on this Blog cannot really keep loading, I believe that in the end, all teams will get 100% in their “progress icon”.

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