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The last day of Sketching with Hardware 2018B

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Thursday, the 4. September in 2018, was our last day in the Sketching with Hardware Workshop. On this day, I was on turn to document the day progress. I started in the morning and asked each team questions about project status, stress level and how they thought the workshop after one week.

Team 1- Dirty Cleaner

Project status: Really stressful. They had a problem with their coding, something didn’t go so well. While I asked, the two girls continued to work on their project. So I kept my questions short and simply. Later on, my project colleague helped Team 1 soldering, so that they could hopefully finish their project before the presentation at noon.
Stress level: 9 of 10.
What did they think of the workshop: Very interesting, but also time-consuming (the girls worked also on the weekend).

Team 2 – The Smart Mouse House

Project status: That was our project. We finished it on Monday evening. Everything has worked well. We had tested the individual functions several times. The test was very satisfactory. The project manager Bernhard suggested to us to create a poster for our project if we had time left. So we spent this morning designing a poster along with some tests.
Stress level: 1 of 10.
What did they think of the workshop: Very interesting, we’ve learned soldering, and some e-technology basics. With our project we were not as much under stress and time pressure as we had expected at the beginning.We liked that we could also designing our project by our own and that we could be creative. That was also a lot of fun. I must also say that I was still amazed at what could be done in a week. The workshop has aroused my interest in dealing more with hardware-related programming.

Team 3 – The Dish Devil

Project status: The two guys said they just had to wire everything. After that, they want test their project. Theoretically everything looks good and should work. There could only be one problem with the drill or rather its motor. The drill may slip off. But they could install an additional motor to solve the problem.
Stress level: 9,5 of 10.
What did they think of the workshop: Unfortunately, I forgot to ask them how they found the workshop. In my opinion (I sat next to them), they worked hard and a lot for their project, but they also enjoyed it. I also know that one of them who brought some Arduino components from home already had some experience with Arduino.

Team 4 – Snack To Go

Project status: Team 4’s project has become really big and very impulsive. They’ve been screwing and working all week. Now I was curious what they had to report. They told me the mechanics are so far finished. Now the wedding, as it is called, takes place, i. e. bringing hardware and programming together. Hopefully everything will work.
Stress level: 8 of 10.
What did they think of the workshop: Very cool, but also exhausting, partly complicated (sure, you built something really cool 🙂 ). And they said they really learned something.

Team 5 – In Your Face

Project status: By the time I got to Team 5 for my documentary, everything was pretty much finished. And so it was. They told me they were done. It’s all working. Now the presentation is being prepared, they are planning who will be tasted.
Stress level: 1 of 10. They said, they had no stress!
What did they think of the workshop: Cool, they learned a lot in no time. Both thought it was good that something was done. The result of the work is visible 🙂

Team 6 – Weighn

Project status: I was very curious about the status of this project. During the last few days I had only noticed how Team 6 was going and how far they were already. They told me they were done. Now, there are only minor improvements to be made.
Stress level: 2 of 10.
What did they think of the workshop: Yesterday it was a bit more stressful, this morning they had found another error. All in all, it was very interesting.

7 Team 7 – iClean

"Hopefully we won’t get a patent dispute out of the name."

Project status: The little project looks great, especially the design seems to be a lot of work. The project is finished, but still a little buggy (there is probably a loose contact). All in all, it was successful. Everything is held together with glue and gaffertape (I think that applies to many 🙂 ).
Stress level: 7,5 of 10. They didn’t quite agree. I have calculated the mean value (6,9).
What did they think of the workshop: They liked it and are amazed at what can be achieved in such a short time.

Team 9 – Feline Cusine

Project status: The idea of Team 9 is really cool: a cat feeder that simultaneously regulates the weight of the cats. The two girls told me that everything works. Very nice. Now they will test and then prepare the presentation. And a little decoration will be added.
Stress level: 8 of 10.
What did they think of the workshop: It was very cool, one wanted to work and new knowledge in electrical engineering could be acquired.

In the chaos of the day, I forgot to ask Team 8 about their project status. I already took a picture of them, but I didn’t realize I still had to interview them. So I asked the questions after the presentation:

Team 8 – The Breakfast Machine

Project status: The spoon was still stuck (and he did it during the presentation) and the tank was leaking. But the leak could be fixed with hot glue (as already mentioned, glue was helpful in every situation). And other cornflakes were used. The small chocolate flakes fall much better into the bowl and don’t get so chopped up. The tutor could eat the remaining flakes 🙂
Stress level: 6 of 10.
What did they think of the workshop: It was cool, but there wasn’t much time.

When the projects were about to be presented, I went around again and asked each team about the current stress level.

The average stress level was 5.5. I think that is a good value. Many teams were well prepared and were nervous just because of the presentation. Unfortunately, Team 9 had bigger problems. Their project did work the evening before, when they tested, and then on Tuesday morning, it didn’t work anymore. Both team members were disappointed and were still looking for the error. Unfortunately it could not be found so shortly before the presentation. Team 1 worked until the last minute, and then could also present their work.

The presentation went well and was well attended. We were very happy about the participation. Team 5 won with 16 points. I thought that their idea was really great, and very entertaining.
After the presentation was over, the rooms were cleaned up, and all have tackled together. After we cleaned up, we went all together to eat in Sax in Munich’s city center.

The workshop was really great and so completely different from the other lectures at the university. We had a lot of fun. Thanks for that!



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