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Published on: August 21, 2014 | Author: Bernhard Slawik | Categories:


This blog is a documentation of the practical course Sketching with Hardware at the University of Munich (LMU). This course makes learning a really tangible experience for interested students.

During only 7 (intense) days, 6-9 teams of students learn to tinker with electronic components, create new creative user interactions and realize their own physical computing projects. The course teaches theoretical background about physical laws and electricity as well as the practical handling of tools to build innovative and useful electronic devices out of old or relatively cheap electronic components. Most projects are based around the Arduino platform.

Sketching with Hardware is a fun and exhausting experience at once, as the teams have to manage their own projects and time (which is too short by design). This requires admitting and coping with failures, thinking outside the box and quickly learning and applying lots and lots of new knowledge (and hot glue). And, not to forget, they constantly have to fight their inner saboteurs as they struggle to meet their own expectations.

There is free candy.

Other universities have followed our lead and are now offering their own variations of Sketching with Hardware. So: Spread the word!

The official homepage of the course at LMU with contacts of the supervisors can be found here.

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