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Team 2: Instrum Hands

Published on: April 7, 2015 | Author: Melanie Gail | Categories: 2015a, Projects


Our concept idea is about making music without instruments, just by imitating the finger’s movements. We decided to implement a flute, a accordion and an e-bass. Henceforth we use the humans finger ability of the opposing thumb. That means that with 4 free fingers per hand we can perform a full 8-tone scale. The “brain” of our InstrumHands is a Arduino One micro controller. A 9V battery makes it work as a portable multi-instrumental-tool. It is attached to a vest to put it on easily.



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Team 6: Music Production Phone (MPP)

Published on: April 7, 2015 | Author: Teresa Biersack | Categories: 2015a, Projects

Team: The team consists of Rainer Molocea, currently doing his Bachelor in Medieninformatik and Teresa Biersack, currently doing his Bachelor in Multimedia and Fine Arts

Day 1:

Keyboard Hacking: On the first day we had to do a Keyboard hack. We wanted to make a controller for the browser game ICY Tower: We made a simple controller from a piece of wood with 2 tilt switches and one button. Turned out to be really fun to play with.





After we got our theme for this year, we brainstormed a little bit and came up with the idea to turn a phone into a MPC (Music Production Center), thats where the name is from. We wanted to modify the phone in a way so you can load custom sounds onto each numberpad and then make your own beats and music with it. For the earpiece we wanted to make a microfon out of it so you can also record yourself. To accomplish this years requirement which was to either produce or to utilize Midi signals, we wanted to make our phone also able to produce Midi signals.





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Day 1

Published on: April 7, 2015 | Author: Sonia Patlán | Categories: 2015a, Daily Logs, Lecture

It is monday morning, 9:00 AM. We are 15 participants sitting in a room at the Amalienstraße, more or less awake but eagerly waiting for the workshop to begin.

First of all everyone gets a name tag and we are introduced to our tutors Bernhard and Patrick who will guide us through almost two of excitement and panic.
After a short general introduction it comes to the most sensitive part of the project which is choosing the right partner. We will work in teams of two. Awkward looks throughout the room, eye contacts and shy smiles are exchanged. Since nobody is really taking the initiative, out comes the bowl with little pieces of papers. They are drawn, Students of “Art & Multimedia” are paired with Students of “Media And Computer Engineering”. Now we have 7 teams, one consisting of three persons. Fortunately we did not need to find our partner with imitating animal voices (legend goes, previous courses had to do something quite embarrassing like that…)
And we start off with the theoretical part, learning about electricity, currents and breadboards.

We get a first look into our box, which is given to each group and consists of a soldering iron, some cables, a multimeter, a breadboard and some basic elements for soldering like cables, tin-solder, LEDs and of course one Arduino. But for now it remains untouched. Our first experiments contain a LED Lamp, a resistor and a 9 Volt battery. Easy stuff.

Some half hour later including some experiments with the on/off switch and a poti we have the first casualties (a red LED, may it rest in peace).
Next we learn some basics about soldering. Then we practise with whatever we want on a small circuit board. Then we read the Safety Instructions.

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(Impressions Day 1: Bernhard and Patrick (check the name tags), soldering equipment, the insides of a keyboard, everyone to the toybox!, and some serious work)


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Day 6 – Your not so average Monday

Published on: April 4, 2015 | Author: Sven Unnewehr | Categories: 2015a, Daily Logs

It’s Monday, 9 am. Now, one might think that this fact alone is challenge enough for the average college student, but there’s nothing average about Sketching with Hardware! This is the second to last day for all teams to work on their projects and the tension in the room is undeniable. Some have worked over the weekend, some have dreamt of soldering, some are confident, some are already stressed to their limits.


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Day 4

Published on: April 2, 2015 | Author: Christian Guerrero | Categories: 2015a, Daily Logs

On Thursday morning 15 young students with faces full beans and eyes blazing of inspiration and motivation enter Ama 17.
The apprentices of “Sketching with Hardware” are coming!
Its going to be the first day on which the teams will work on their delivery projects.

But still you can feel some question marks and uncertainties in the air. Therefore day four starts with a discussion on their brainstorming results. Sitting in a circle every group  presents their concepts and possible implementation ideas.

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Published on: March 31, 2015 | Author: Bernhard Slawik | Categories: 2015a, Projects

This semester’s topic is:

“Music Instruments — Creativity with a MIDI port”
This allows the teams to inter-connect their projects with each other!

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