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The Final Day – 3 hours remain

Published on: August 17, 2015 | Author: Annika Busch | Categories: 2015b, Daily Logs

‘Twas the dawn of the final day. The sun hung low in the cloudless sky, casting long and heavy shadows. The wind had been on vacation for over a week now and it did not look like it would return soon. The gremlins lay in wait as one by one the warriors arrived. Gremlins are hungry little bastards that feed on situations that release emergency signals or stimuli. Or maybe they just enjoy our suffering. Science is undecided.


Here is how the teams fared against the gremlins:


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Day 1 – Keyboard Hacking

Published on: August 17, 2015 | Author: Philip Hanke | Categories: 2015b, Daily Logs

The first day of a new class is always exciting – who will be there, what will we learn and how is the atmosphere? On a sunny monday morning 16 participants and our supervisors Bernhard and Patrick got together in the Media Informatics lab and were excited to start the next “Sketching with Hardware” practical course.

The course started with an introductory round and a short theoretical introduction which covered some basics about electronics and soldering. As teamwork is key to good results in practical courses, teams had to be chosen – after having a good laugh at Bernhard’s story about making animal voices and finding the right teammate depending on the similarity of the voices, we opted for a semi-random procedure. As every team should consist of a Arts and Multimedia student and a (Media-)Informatics student there were two boxes with the numbers one to eight in them – and surprise: People with the same number were in the same team for the course.

At the beginning every team was handed a box with a multimeter, a soldering iron, cables , a breadboard, a 9V battery, some LEDs and some other tools – some of these things can be seen in the picture below:



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Final presentations

Published on: August 16, 2015 | Author: Markus Friesenegger | Categories: 2015b, Daily Logs, Final Presentations

Sketching with Hardware 2015b – The final presentations

The final presentation of the projects was scheduled for 12 o´clock, and just started as planned. All teams could finalize their projects, some of them under pressure in the last minutes available (Thanks to the WiFi Problems 😉 ). All 8 teams were in attendance, the two supervisors of the internship Bernhard and Patrick and also 6 guests from the professorial chair of media informatics.
The presentation of the projects began in ascending order of the teamnumbers.


Team 6 – Book Infinite

Published on: August 15, 2015 | Author: Evangelos Angelidis | Categories: 2015b, Projects

Book Infinite – Team 6


What is one of the oldest things in the world, that is still in use today? That’s right, a Book! The subject of the course was “Internet of old things” and what suits the theme better than a book?


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Topic for 2015b: “IoOT” – The Internet of Old Things”

Published on: August 12, 2015 | Author: Bernhard Slawik | Categories: 2015b, Projects

This term’s topic is:
Internet of Old Things

Goal is to take antique objects and equipping them with WiFi connectivity to augment their functionality.

Old objects tend to have very clear and familiar (almost iconic) interfaces – perfect for building interesting new forms of physical interaction. Initial ideas range from a mp3 streaming tube radio to a universal compass pointing to the nearest train station or a type writer that does online chatting.

To accomplish their goals, each of the 8 teams is given an ESP8266 WiFi module as well as an Arduino MEGA and, of course, lots of RGB LEDs 🙂

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